Quickly Send SMS Text Alerts and Phone Alert to All Parents
Wimlo's School Alert System

Emergency text alert
Unlimited SMS Texts
Unlimited Phone Messages
(Bonus) Unlimited Group Emails using templates

Melt Your Stress Away
Easily broadcast to all parents instantly in emergencies and last minute changes using SMS text and automated phone alert.

Flexible Recipients List
An easy interface allows you to quickly and easily select the recipients of your message by simply choosing the parents, the classrooms or the entire school.
School Communication on the Go
The state-of-the-art mobile admin console makes it a walk in the part to see all school communications including emails, text messages and phone voice messages on the go. You can even broadcast your message to your audience right from the admin mobile console which comes handy in –time-tight emergency scenarios.

Peace of Mind in Emergencies
This reliable emergency alert system, will allow you to quickly and easily broadcast your text message or your voice phone message to all or selected groups.
Mobile admin console
Wimlo Sample Daily Email
(Bonus Feature) Send Beautifully Designed Group Emails

Manage all your school and classrooms emails and even the parents’ replies in one place.
Design and send beautiful emails using templates
Send unlimited group , individual or entire school emai
Easily choose who receives your email with quick access to class and parent contact lists.
Quickly share forms, pictures, and notes with parents.
Need even more ways to communicate with parents? (School calendar with reminders, picture and video sharing, document sharing and more)
See the “Love It” package full of amazing time-saving and parents’ engagement features we guarantee you’ll love!