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Wimlo is a powerful school communication app that enables you to reach parents and staff instantly in multiple ways. Our easy-to-use platform saves you time and energy and helps you increase parent engagement and response rates to over 99%--making it a breeze to stay in touch with parents from anywhere.

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Who is it for?

Our intuitive and user-friendly tool can be customized to meet the needs of any independent school or youth program, including:

  • Preschools
  • Daycare centers
  • After-school programs
  • Private elementary schools
  • Recreational activity centers--schools for dance, music, martial arts, and more
How does it work for child recreational and activity centers?
Wimlo comes in two different packages, and the “Like It” package was designed with you in mind. Send emails, text messages and direct phone calls to any or all registered parents, and add an expiration date to each class to stop all communication once it’s over.
I am a school director. How does Wimlo help me communicate with my staff?
Our powerful administrative interface allows you to easily send texts, push notifications, emails, and phone calls to your staff from your computer or mobile device.
How does it help us communicate with all parents?

Wimlo uses a smart multi-channel communication system that selects the most appropriate way to reach parents based on the nature of the message.

  • Emergencies and time-sensitive information: For situations like last-minute schedule changes, SMS messages and direct phone calls reach parents immediately.
  • School updates and announcements: Email blasts and automated phone calls go out to selected groups or the entire school.
  • Daily class updates, pictures, documents, and more: Our state-of-the-art parents’ portal keeps all communication in one central place. Every message you share is stored here so parents can access it throughout the school year, from pictures of happy kids to copies of emails and emergency messages.
To learn more about how the parents’ portal can transform your school community, schedule your free demo!
Getting Started
I am a school director. How do I register my school?

Getting started is quick and easy. Register in less than two minutes, then start enjoying WithMyLittleOne’s full benefits with a simple 3-step process:

  1. Create classes and add teachers
  2. Send emails and text messages immediately
  3. Invite parents to register for the parents’ portal

Voilà! You’re ready to communicate effortlessly and watch your school community grow.

How do we use WithMyLittleOne?

Everything you need is already at your fingertips! To start connecting with parents and staff, all you need is an Internet connection and access to a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet (Apple or Android device).

What kind of customer support do you provide?

Our partner schools enjoy full customer support for any questions they may have. Support is available 7 days a week via phone, email, and remote connection.

Can I import parents’ contact information?

Yes, we help you import existing email lists and phone numbers into the database so you can start connecting with parents immediately.


Can I send a message to an individual parent?

Yes! You can easily send individual SMS messages, emails, private messages in the parents’ portal, and more.

Can we communicate with multiple classes from one device?

Yes, that is easily possible. You can always choose which class to share messages with, regardless of the device you’re using.

What if there are multiple teachers for one class?

Teachers can easily be added to one class or multiple classes. They’ll be able to communicate only with the classes they’ve been added to.

Is there a monthly limit on text messages?

Nope! Your subscription includes unlimited texts at no extra charge.

How do automated parent phone calls work?

Automated phone calls are sent using a top-tier technology that converts your typed message to voice, then delivers it directly to parents on their cell phone or landline. You can choose whether to contact every parent or a selected group.

How does the email management system work?

Our powerful email management system puts the main school account, class/teacher accounts, and parent replies all in one place. You can even send sophisticated, beautifully designed HTML emails with your school logo, pictures, and more. Communicate with all, some, or individual parents instantly from any device.

How do I remove a child’s registration once they leave the school?

There are two easy ways to do this:

  1. Deactivate the account: If a child leaves the school early, simply make the child’s account inactive and no more communication will be sent for that child.
  2. Enter class expiration dates: Class and group communication will automatically end for all enrolled families after the selected date.

How do parents receive messages and notifications?

Based on the nature of the message, Wimlo smartly chooses the best channels for delivery. In emergency and time-sensitive cases, parents receive text messages and automated direct phone calls. Everyday school news can be sent via email and the parents’ portal. Updates in the portal are announced directly within the app and via email or push notifications.

Settings & Control

I am a school admin/owner. What if I don’t like a feature?

Wimlo is designed to be flexible to meet the real needs of schools. Nearly all features can be turned on or off at will--for example, if you’d prefer not to let parents comment on posts, just turn that feature off.

How can I customize my school account?

You can select a profile picture, school icon, and theme color that will display in the parents’ portal and the emails you send.

How can I make sure teachers are sharing appropriate messages?

The powerful administrative console allows you to view and control all school communication. You can choose to review teachers’ posts from your computer or smartphone, then instantly approve or deny them for sharing. If you don’t feel you need this feature, you can turn it off and allow all posts to go live automatically.

Do I have access to all class email accounts?

Yes. You can view, send, and receive emails for all accounts in one central dashboard, using your computer, iPad, iPhone, or Android device for instant access anywhere.

Does my staff need to be computer savvy to use WithMyLittleOne?

We know how busy school teachers and administrators are, so we designed Wimlo with simplicity in mind. If the staff is familiar with the general use of computers or smartphones, they already have all the skills they need. Should you need help with anything, our training materials and customer support professionals are here to walk you through it.

Parents’ Portal

What are the benefits of the parents’ portal?

Our state-of-the-art parents’ portal allows you to develop a vibrant online school community, where parents can engage with their teachers and each other in a social environment. The portal allows parents to post items in the school marketplace, participate in a discussion, comment, get notified of updates, and more.

  • View and share pictures, announcements, and videos
  • Buy, sell, and trade children’s items with other parents
  • Contribute to fundraisers with instant donations and social sharing

The “Love It!” package allows you to place a login button on your website so parents can access this private school community right from your school’s website!

How do I get parents to register for the portal?

Simply invite them to create an account through one of these methods:

  1. Email: Send easy-to-follow instructions right to their inbox.
  2. Text: Parents receive an SMS invitation and can answer the registration questions via text.
  3. Print: Download a printable flyer to hand out to parents.

The account creation process is simple and will take each parent less than two minutes.

Remember, parents don’t need an account for you to start communicating with them--you can always reach them via text, email, and phone even if they choose not to register.

What if some parents don’t want to register?

Parents are not required to create an account in order for you to communicate with them. All parents will receive your emails, text messages, and automated direct phone calls to their cell phone or landline. Our “Love It!” package enables you to create an online school community in addition to these things--but parents are always free to choose whether they want to participate.

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